Mum’s birthday today


Wednesday 5th August


Mum’s birthday today

Eighty eight years young

A care home garden tea

Where happy birthday was sung


Then off to Plymouth for me

A covid test to be done

Hospital on Saturday

Colonoscopy; what fun!


Thinking of you sweetie

Beloved Angel son


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  1. Your mum looks like a movie star. What amazing photos. And I am sure she appreciated the garden tea. Hope she had a Happy birthday. We used to have cream tea with my nan all the time in place called Newton Poppleford in Devon. Good memories. Hope you’re hospital trip went well. I find just the visits exhausting, let alone the thing being done. Stay safe. Hugs πŸ’œ

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    • Thank you so much… In the early fifties she was a fashion model: catwalks, magazines, trade publications and catalogues. (I really don’t know how her strict mother let her go to London, as a teenager, to work as a model πŸ€”πŸ˜‰).

      We have been to Newton Poppleford, to the Southern Cross, for the most amazing cream teas. A wonderful spot, with a beautiful garden. (I was studying at Exeter University at the time, back in the eighties).

      Take good care.
      Melanie x

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      • Oh that explains it. She looks like a fabulous lady. I wish we carried ourselves with such grace nowadays. What an exceptionally adventurous life she has had then. Fantastic.

        Yes, that’s it. The Southern cross. I was always so little and it was such a huge white cottage with thatch and a beautiful garden. I was born in 81 but mum always took us to nans in the summer holidays.

        My nan lived in Colaton Raleigh. And my auntie in Exeter. But my fave day out was to Budleigh Salterton esp if we had a black cherry ice cream from the newsagents near the beach. And Bicton Park. One of my most favourite places in the world, especially the river Otter.

        I used to just go off for hours and take real long walks in the fields to see the horses. Good times.

        Stay safe. And take care πŸ’–πŸ’œπŸ’–

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      • Ahhh, summer holidays when we were young and innocent always seem so special and magical. It was always sunny at the beach, the sea was warm, the days were long, and the ice cream treats so yummy.


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