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Here to stay


Saturday 12th January


My love for you is here to stay

It will not wither or fade away

I smile at memories every day

Really is nothing else to say


Love you forever sweetheart

My heavenly Angel son


Hanging out the laundry!

Perfect location

So quiet and peaceful

Sitting in the shade beneath the palms

Clear waters today


A fiery glow

Pink clouds

Just so good the soul… Watching another beautiful sunset


A final flare

A day filled with wildlife


Friday 11th January


Strolling along the beach

Feet paddling in the sea

Sand between toes

Dolphins splashing free


On through the Everglades

Getting up close and personal

With a gnarly old alligator

Moving away quite purposeful


Stopping to walk a trail

At Big Cypress Bend Boardwalk

Spying nesting bald eagles

Where kites and ospreys squawk


A day filled with wildlife

Getting close to nature

Taking you with us everywhere

You’d love every creature


Precious Angel son


Lighthouse on Sanibel Island, built in 1884

Clear water, perfect for shelling

Us, again

Old tree carcass

Blue heron at Big Cypress Bend Boardwalk

Fern-filled pond, surrounded by cypress trees

Cypress growing very tall


Two American bald eagles sitting on a branch


A heron looking for its next meal

A really, really big ‘gator lazing in the sunshine

Sunset on the return journey

Fort Myers


Thursday 10th January


Across the Tamiami Trail

On a trip to Fort Myers

All kinds of birdlife

Cranes, herons, graceful flyers


So many alligators

Could be seen from the car

Lazing in the sunshine

Amazing reptiles they are


On to the sandy Gulf Coast

A walk along the beach

Dinner in a car-themed place

Good food and a beer each


A clear, starry sky tonight

Loving you with all my heart

I’m sending kisses up to you

Angel son we’re never apart



A stop on the Tamiami Trail where tall cypress trees reach to the sky

Reflections on the water

Tangles of branches

An alligator and crane

Two ‘gators

A walk on the beach

Sugar fine sand

Stretching as far as the eyes can see

Sun setting along an avenue of palms in Fort Myers

Inside Ford’s Garage restaurant

A cool eatery

Retail therapy


Wednesday 9th January


A little retail therapy

Driving north past Miami

So many cars on the road

Driving too fast, quite scary


So we’re off to Sawgrass Mills

What can we eat, what can we buy?

Looking for elusive bargains

Finding items to satisfy


You’d have some pocket money

Looking for books, music, toys

Off you would go, on your own

Returning later, simple joys


Thinking of you so very much

My dearest darling Angel son

Walking alongside as we shop

You’ll be with me, forever young



Turtle in a tree. Why not?

Dark and brooding just before sunset

A small space between clouds and land, allowing the ball of fire to shine through

A lava like glow on a distant island

Leaving a painted sky

Just relaxing


Tuesday 8th January


Just relaxing


So calming


Utterly quiet

Be thankful

Totally untroubled


Quite harmonious


Purely soothing


Completely peaceful

Keep on

Simply tranquil

Be alive


Love you my darling

Precious Angel son

Flying in the sunset

Now forever young


Origami bird made from palm fronds

Sailfish too

A relaxing afternoon

Gathering for another beautiful sunset

This doesn’t disappoint

A flying bird in the clouds

Sky blue pink

The last glow

Peace of mind


Sunday 6th January


Trying very hard

Doing absolutely nothing

Just eat, sleep, kayak, repeat

Not worried by anything


Such a relaxing time

No stresses or concerns

Breathing in the calmness

Peace of mind returns


Thinking of you always

To the moon and back

Beloved Angel son


Another breakfast at the Lorelei

Chilly first thing (mid sixties F) 😎

In the afternoon, the temperature warmed up

Kayak fun out on the water

Sparky seas

Perfect afternoon

A magnificent mahogany tree

Another sunset

Still as breathtaking

Off to dinner


Saturday 5th January


Off to dinner with our good friends

A great couple you knew so well

Looking out over the ocean

She really thought you were swell


Missing you at these gatherings

But you are spoken of so fondly

So many memories to share

Thinking of you and smiling softly


Treasured Angel son


A model T Ford we saw this morning

Captain Morgan looking over us at dinner

The outdoor restaurant

Beside the ocean

Beautifully calm

Dinner beneath the stars

Moving along without you


Friday 4th January


Time is moving along without you

We’re making new memories

But all the while you’re in our hearts

Sharing in all our stories


Love you sweetie

Precious Angel son


Just chillin’ ‘neath the palms

Sun going down

So very peaceful

All quiet across the waves

An explosion of colour

Stripes of pink splashed across the heavens

A kayaking sort of afternoon


Thursday 3rd January


A kayaking sort of afternoon

Full sunsuit, floating sunglasses

Looking for manatees and dolphin

Try not to wobble as the wave passes


You liked going out in canoes too

Although you’d try to rock the boat

Quite literally, hoping we’d capsize

But we did manage to stay afloat


Fun and games on the water

You really were quite adventurous

Loving the adrenalin rush

Anything a little risky and dangerous


Thinking of you always

My darling Angel son


Off we go….

Full coverage sunsuit, big hat, floating sunglasses, SPF50…

Flat calm…..

Looking for manatees in the mangroves…

Still looking for manatees and dolphin….

So very peaceful….

And a long way from shore….

And very hot…

Heading back…..

Pretty sunset this evening…

Leaving a golden glow….

With a perfect view…..