Fundraiser Day Two


Sunday 24th May

So there we were again, standing at the front of the store, selling raffle tickets (terrific prizes), and trying to raise awareness of the awful disease (testicular cancer), that claimed your life ten and a half weeks ago.

So many mixed emotions. So many people who knew you want to help our cause. For the most part we are able to keep these emotions in check, and talk about you and what we’re doing. And yet sometimes, the mask slips, and we just can’t help a few tears.

We stand at the front of the store for most of the day, again my sister comes along to help out, and my mum too. I think we have raised a considerable amount of money in your name, over the weekend. I hope people also took notice of the cause, the charity Checkemlads, with this type of cancer becoming less of a taboo subject, and certainly more talked about between young men aged 16 to 35 years old.

Having packed away all the display material and collecting buckets soon after four, we go to visit you in the cemetery. There a young family, whom we know by sight, are visiting the graveside of their daughter who died aged eighteen, ten years ago today. She would be the same age as your brother. We share a few hugs and tears, with a realisation that the pain never leaves, and then we walk up to your resting place. We talk to you, we hope you know we are close by, and we tell you we love you so, so much. And we miss you. We miss you every single minute of every single hour, in every single day.


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