My precious child



Saturday 5th December

“I will always be your mother,
And you will always be
My precious child.”

Nothing will change the fact
That you are my precious child.
Right from that first moment
When I held you and smiled.

Watching you growing up
With a personality full of fun.
For thirty marvellous years
You were my special son.

Swimming, sailing, travelling,
Dancing, riding, reading.
We had so many adventures
So much life and loving.

Despite all of your problems
You were caring, warm and kind.
A bit of a cheeky monkey,
If you were so inclined.

Now there is a strange silence,
Where your laughter used to be.
Just tears, sorrow and memories,
I miss you so much, you see.

Love you.
My precious child.
Sweet Angel.




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  1. Living with the memories of the loss is extremely hard, but, you will start healing, step-by-step, bit by bit, every day, but, it’s a hard process and it requires a lot of work, but, it can be managed, i’d survived through the loss of my lovely daughter, and she was never conceived, so, it CAN be done, but, the process will NOT be at all, easy!

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