I really wish you were here with me



Sunday 20th December

By now you would be very excited,
With all the events, so delighted.
You knew many carols to be recited,
As a family together, all reunited.

So, how I wish that you were here,
Sharing in the festive cheer.
Missing you so much, my dear,
As down my cheek, falls a tear.

But this year it is just not to be.
Where once was four, now are three.
I know you’re up there flying free,
I really wish you were here with me.

Love you my precious son.
Now you’ll be forever young.


A happy penguin for you



Father Christmas too


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  1. Heartbreakingly beautiful. ❤ I know you are still a family of four even though it's not the same. Your amazing son will always live on in those who love him. I'm wishing you all the love & strength to carry you through the most difficult days without your sweet boy here on Earth. ❤ You do the best job each day keeping his memory very much alive.

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