Our daily walk


Wednesday 1st April


Our daily walk

In bright sunshine

Lifts the spirits

Fresh air sublime


Wish you were here

With us too

Walking and sharing

In all we do


Precious Angel son


Out on our daily walk

Down the hill to Porthmeor Beach

Beautiful blue skies

A line of heavy cloud on the horizon

The harbour was very quiet

Very few people around

An empty Fore Street

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  1. My younger son was recently asking me why I got green and blue juggling balls. I told him it’s because they’re my favorite colors, which was news to him; as long as he’s known them, they’ve been green and pink. But something about blue has spoken to me more and more over the last many months, and that leaps out at me in your pictures today; I think blue has overtaken green. I want to bathe in the blues of these pictures, and I’m so grateful to have seen them.
    Hoping you’re keeping safe & healthy ♥

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