I’m walking


Saturday 25th November


Standing with you this morning

Trying to stop a tear from falling

Can you hear my words calling?

As on Angel wings you’re soaring

For each new day keeps dawning

And my heart, for you, is longing

Memories of you, returning

My son, with you, I’m walking


Love you forever

Missing you daily

Beloved Angel son


2 responses »

  1. It’s a good thing, that you are remembering your son in your daily life, because if you don’t fully allow yourself to experience your losses, you will NEVER be healed up properly from them, and, i’m sure, that one day in the future, you will wake up, and when you think of your son, you won’t feel so sad anymore…..

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    • Thank you for your understanding thoughts.
      I know I will always think of my son, sometimes with smiles, sometimes with tears. That’s the way it will be.
      Those memories are so very precious and priceless.
      x 👼 x


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