Daily Archives: December 18, 2017

PET scan


Monday 18th December


On the last visit to my oncologist, following a CT scan, a small ‘gnurgly’ was seen on my spleen. It had been mentioned​ a couple of previous times to no consequence, but now the radiographer’s report suggested further investigation was warranted. So, no food since last night, and only water this morning. 

Upon arrival at the unit, just after 1:00pm, form filling was followed by blood sugar testing, which was fine. The technician then went to collect the radioactive trace injection. He returned carrying what looked like an extremely heavy tool box. I thought, ‘Wow, that must be a massive injection!’, but it was merely a huge lead-lined box to protect from the radiation. So then the liquid was pushed into my veins, the technician declared me radioactive ☢️☠️🤢☠️☢️  and I had to wait an hour for the liquid to reach all parts of my body……

The scan itself was fine: the first part was head to knees, taking about fifty minutes, back and forth, stop and start, don’t move…..Then I had to turn around for the second part: knees to toes, which only took twenty minutes. Time to go, and after over three hours in the unit, I was ready. It was now dark outside, the whole afternoon had disappeared through a tunnel…..And now I was starving and very thirsty.

A quick bite to eat and​ a cappuccino, then a drive home in the dark, whereupon I am now drinking copious amounts of water to flush out the radioactive trace. Apparently I must not go near pregnant women or young children for twenty four hours….

Glowing all the wayyyyyy………

Thinking of you my sweetheart, as always.

Beloved Angel son


Homeward bound, after sunset

Lights of the cars mimicking how I feel…..

And, we came to say hello again

Your solar snowflake looked lovely