My sweet Angel in the rain


Thursday 8th February


My sweet Angel in the rain

It’s pouring down again

Trying hard to explain

Whilst my tears, I contain

And a smile I must sustain

That I’m not really sane

But I’ll try not to complain

Although heartbroken with pain

Walking down the muddy lane

To the flowers I maintain

For my Angel in the rain



Cornish mizzle, but some good surf

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      • Very delicate – I like it. Sometimes when the sun shines on the rose petals that are pale colors, they seem almost translucent. I planted a small memory garden after my mom passed away – I never had a climbing rose before and got one called “Stairway to Heaven” – I had no luck with it, and spent a fortune on treatments for its black spot. Finally had to get rid of it and was disappointed. I do better with hardier rose bushes – it seemed too delicate for my liking and I had bought an umbrella trellis thinking it would beautify the yard, but it didn’t work out.

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      • Ahhhhhh, Stairway to Heaven sounds a perfect name, but just wasn’t meant to be, so sorry. Hopefully the hardier roses are flourishing for you, in remembrance of your dear mum.
        x 🌹 x

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      • Yes they are doing well and are much hardier – I do much better with bush roses and these are called ‘Home Run Roses’ and bloom profusely all Summer, no black spot and healthy. In fact, when we had the first Polar Vortex (Winter of 2013-2014), those ‘Home Run Roses’ did not come back in the Spring.
        I was upset and figured I’d have to pull them out. They were brown, brittle with new new growth. We have a radio gardening show called ‘the Garden Doctor’ and I called in to ask him if there was anything I could do. He said prune them to about a foot from the ground. They were as high as a chain-link fence. So I did this and they all came back!
        The ‘Stairway to Heaven’ I had ordered from Jackson & Perkins, along with their special umbrella trellis, so I figured that it would be good as it was from J&P, and later found out that it is not a hardy climber and there are other climbers that would have been a much better choice – I bought this red rose for the beauty, but mostly for the name for the memory garden. Thanks for your thoughts – they are appreciated.

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    • Thank you so much.
      The beach is a two minute walk, down the hill, from where we live. It is very popular in the summer time, and good for surfers all year round……. although today it was rather choppy and freezing cold.


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