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      • That is so very true.
        I try a mindfulness app, caffeine free tea, no phone before bedtime, cool room, twenty minutes reading a book….. and yet I still find it hard to sleep through the night.
        I try too hard, and then I get cross with myself!
        x 😴 😴x

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      • How about some warm milk with honey in it? Or get one of those heated up pads that you put in the microwave to warm you up? I got some for my mom as she had sciatica and back problems, so I’d heat them up in the microwave. The little beads inside hold the heat for a long time and she would drift off to sleep and the warm not only helped her sleep, but also was good for her aches and pains. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but my mom was 11 years old and darted out between two parked cars and was hit by one car. She had an ear infection at the time. The driver broke three ribs, and they taped her ribs, and my grandmother came to pick her up at the doctor’s office where the driver took her. A few months later, the ear infection went through her system and caused an infection in the bone as a result of the broken ribs. (This infection was called osteomyelitis.) She was rushed to the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto and spent the next four years there, most of the time in a body cast. She had 42 orthopedic operations in her lifetime. In her later years, it did not matter how she would sit, or lay, she could not find much relief. All from one quick dash as a child.

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      • Thank you for your sleep suggestions, I might try the milk and honey.
        So very sorry to hear about your mum’s accident when she was a child, and then all the ensuing problems. How truly awful for her.


      • It was a long haul for my mom Melanie … and then she had all the orthopedic pain in later years and passed away from sepsis as a result of a perforated bowel. Because of my mom, I never take my good health for granted believe me.

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