I can’t see you


Sunday 18th February


I can’t see you heaven today

The sky is just so foggy and grey

A breeze might blow the blues away

Because right now I’m in disarray

Feeling quite low on this Sunday

The weather does, my mood convey

Cold and damp, full of dismay

I’m really not feeling okay

Give me a while to make headway

Sipping on my cinnamon lattΓ©

A picture of happiness I’ll portray

And I’ll have something upbeat to say


Thinking of you

Missing you

Loving you

Dearest Angel son


So very foggy looking over the town this morning

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      • I know … we are having three solid days of rain… I got caught in the rain on my walk and it is raining so hard outside right now … it is making me sleepy. We have flood watches up. Rain always is depressing as are gloomy skies.

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      • We had about 2-3 hours this morning when the rain stopped, and then it started again … I got out for a quick walk, but today I stayed close by so I did not get soaked like yesterday. We have flood advisories until mid-day Wednesday because we got all that snow on the 9th of February … 9.2 inches and we had snow every day the week before that big snow event and it is melting all over the place now. I have had flooding in the basement in the past, but the City put in a new sewer system in the early 90s, so that is not a worry for me now thank goodness. I heard the weather report say that it is 64 out (a fluke for February) and then it will drop 30 degrees and we may have a touch of snow tomorrow night. Just incredible weather.

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      • Wow! Such changeable weather you’re having. Hopefully the rain will ease and the threat of flooding subsides.
        We are going to have any icy blast this weekend and into next week….. “The Beast from the East” its being called. Daytime temperatures no higher than 3Β°C. Brrrrrrr.
        Take care.

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      • Take care and stay safe. I understand we are having freezing rain Thursday into Friday so I am going to run a few errands tomorrow before I start work… my phone broke today. Since I work from home, it is a speaker phone as sometimes my boss dictates and I put on the speaker phone… I went to use the phone today and it suddenly doesn’t work to dial out… incoming calls are fine… my boss called me twice, got a few junk calls and that works… so I guess a new phone is on my list of errands before the ice comes… hate to deal with ice. I understand the beginning of March (around the 2nd) we’re going to have alot of snow again… hopefully not what we had on February 9th, the 9.2 inches. Keeping my fingers crossed for an early Spring.

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      • It does… do you ever use light therapy Melanie? So many people use it for seasonal affective disorder. It might help for the dark and dismal days which sometimes put you in a funk to begin with.

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      • I have a friend who suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and he retired a few years before his wife. He became depressed in the Winter and began to research the best place in the United States that had the most sunny days in the year. I thought I always heard it was San Diego, California with the most-perfect weather in the United States. Turns out it is Las Cruces, New Mexico. So, two years ago he rented an apartment for 3-4 months in the Winter months to see if he would like to retire there. He studied Spanish from a tutor as many Spanish-speaking people and businesses there. He liked it and then the Winter of 2015-2016, he/wife went in the Fall and bought a house. He spent from Fall of 2016 to Fall of 2017 moving some things in his car and making about six cross-country trips though the year. She retired on September 30, 2017 and they packed up the rest of their things and moved to the house the first week of October. He loves it there – New Mexico is a state that does not have weather issues like tornadoes or other natural disasters though they have dust storms sometimes. They sometimes need a furnace at night to take the chill off, but it gets hot in the Summer, over 100 most of the Summer months, but no humidity Here is a short story on light treatment and the benefits if you decide to do this – https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/seasonal-affective-disorder/in-depth/seasonal-affective-disorder-treatment/art-20048298

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      • Thank you for sharing the story of your friend. Most interesting.
        My brother lived in Albuquerque for a few years, and I know he had a great time there ~ he’s in Chicago now…… freezing cold!
        Thank you too, for the light therapy link.


      • My friend and his wife are very happy to have retired there after living in a four-season state their entire lives – they are in their mid-60s. I have heard Albuquerque is nice too – all that heat, but no humidity so that is a real draw. When we get the real heat in the Summer, it comes with that humidity that wears you out as soon as you step outside.
        Chicago is getting hit bigtime this year for snow – worse than here in Michigan.

        You’re welcome – maybe it will help – just as little as 1/2 hour a day is supposed to help.
        I have a friend from high school who moved to New York to Honeyoye Falls – it is near Rochester, NY. Apparently Rochester is a city in the U.S. that gets the least amount of sun, so most doctors recommend their patients who live there to take Vitamin D supplements to help with not only sunlight deficiency, but to help their bones.

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      • Thank you.
        I’m not sure I could ever live anywhere known for it’s lack of sun….. I’m sure I’d be miserable.
        I too take Vitamin D, as a consequence of my melanoma, and not actively supposed to enjoy the sun. Although I am sensible, wear sunscreen, hats and avoid the strong midday rays.
        x 🌞 x

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      • Yes, I take precautions as well and usually only walk in the morning with the sun is not as strong. I don’t like working outside in the hot sun … I have run over the electric mower cord and also rammed the hedge shears into the chain link fence as it was too hot to work, but had to get it done. I’m not a sun worshipper at all.

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      • For many, many years I loved being in the sun, on the beach, swimming, snorkeling, sailing…. I lived in Singapore and Australia, went on beach holidays to the South of France, Greece, Tunisia, America…. and tanned.
        It’s only in later life that am I paying for the consequences of my actions.
        x 🌞 x

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      • My mom would tell me when I wanted to lay out in the sun that one day I would be sorry. I will be 62 in April, so it seems to me that 45 or 50 years ago, that you did not hear so much about skin cancer, and more about having leathery-looking skin. But I laid out in the sun, and never used sunblock. I even used a sunlamp … not too smart with that and I have always been fair-skinned so that was not so smart on my part. Now I try to stay out of the sun and I like to walk in the morning and do outside things early in the day … not a fan of the extreme heat/sun. My next-door neighbor had several bouts of skin cancer on her nose from being a sun worshipper. That is a good wake-up call to stop.

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      • My mom tried to tell me when I was younger … but I didn’t do that after I was a little older. I remember girls would lay on these metallic-looking mats in front of a sunlamp to get more tan. I never did that either. But most of the tanning studios that we used to have on nearly every corner have closed down since doctors started warning the risks of going into tanning booths on a regular basis. Are you still awaiting your results from your test last week?

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  1. Sometimes, there’s, no need to put on that strong front, you can be sad, and grieve over the loss of your loved ones, as many as you need to, until one day, when you think about him, and you no longer feel sad or loss, then, the process of your grieving is, completed.

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