Monday 26th February


Although you’re no longer

Where you were before

I know you’re still with me

And I love you all the more

Gone from my sight

Your memories I care for

Remembering you daily

On Angel wings you soar


My darling Angel son


The branches of the tree near your resting place

Sideways waves across Porthmeor Beach

Steely grey skies…. but no snow yet…..

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      • Yes 60 degrees for us today and 1-3 inches of snow tomorrow … the Winter that never ends. (Waiting for my day to end … my boss is revising a memo for the umpteenth time … patience is a virtue sometimes). πŸ™‚

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      • Yesterday I was late leaving and today I started earlier as I didn’t walk … teeming raining which turned into snow. Was busy the entire day … I actually only work part-time but it often becomes a full-time job when busy. I started an hour earlier today, stayed an hour later as it is time to send out the invoices and I didn’t want this task to carry over to the weekend … last few weekends, I had to work as well. The getting busy again is good for business as my boss still toys with the idea of closing down the practice, though I know he does not want to do that at all; he will turn 71 on March 10th.

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      • I’m not sure he does because I was hoping to leave timely tonight and instead I got a 15-page handwritten document to do at 5:00 p.m. and he expects it to be revised over the weekend. I had intended to do a little post tonight, but it is too late now. We had alot of icy snow and I dealt with that this morning – alot of it has melted and I am hopeful I can get in a walk at some point tomorrow – maybe later in the day to ensure there are no icy paths anywhere.

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      • Thank you Melanie… that will be tomorrow I have to do the work … he would want it today, but if I did it today, he’d go back in again tomorrow and revise it again … he revises constantly (drives me nuts sometimes) … so I learned early after working from home, always do something late in the day on Sunday to avoid getting it back again. πŸ™‚ I did walk today but reluctant to go to my favorite spot with all the ice and snow … didn’t want to take a chance on slipping and falling … it got sunny today so maybe some more of the path will be clear tomorrow and I’ll feel more confident about a stroll there – the squirrels will be pacing back and forth!

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      • Glad you didn’t feel you had to have the work for your boss completed by the end of the day…. you need some time for yourself, especially at the weekend πŸ˜ƒπŸ€”πŸ˜ƒ
        Hope you’ve managed to have a walk today in the sunshine.

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      • I agree with you Melanie – he does not feel that way, but I was surprised because I did the chart as a table-box chart format and I always print out my work, plus if I do it after hours, I also e-mail it to him in case it didn’t print out (I remote right into my desktop at work, so can print out my work like I was sitting there) … anyway, he made a few changes and forwarded it to the client to write his input and/or edit it and then we will do it Monday before the meeting. That is the first time he’s ever done that, but I think he knew I was a little angry for having to stay until 7:30 on Friday night … I was glad as I had stuff to do in the house and had to work the last four weekends, at least once a day. I did go for a beautiful walk today – took lots of pictures, but left later than my usual time, due to the possible ice at the Park – I am so behind, have not read any “Reader” for the past two days. A friend of mine’s ex-husband had a kidney transplant in Boston on Friday – donated by his sister – I was back-and-forth with her on that and another friend is in South Carolina and she wrote me several times – my boss sent me six e-mails to respond to … I will review probably tomorrow – he will be in meetings a good part of the day. I don’t like to be this far behind – am reading comments tonight. I also post at “Patch” which is an online hyperlocal newspaper … it takes forever to post there and I truly don’t think anyone reads it, but the editor of Patch is nice, so I just keep doing it – the pictures are done gallery style, so it takes away from the post somewhat as well. I hope your weather has improved and the snow has vanished.

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      • Oh my goodness, you certainly are kept very busy.
        Do hope you had some quality time for yourself this past weekend.
        And yes, the snow has all disappeared, leaving mostly cold and grey skies, but they did brighten up this afternoon.

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      • It is not always like that and I didn’t get to bed until late last night … but I partially did that to myself by going to the Park and taking all those pictures, and then writing a narrative about them. During the week, I don’t get time to do that, so I try to do something special every weekend with the blog … I could not really hold the pictures to another time because I am not sure where we are going with this wacky weather. I went to the Park this morning and it was the same amount of snow as yesterday, but ice on the water this morning … we are having an inch of snow tonight, a little snow Wednesday and a little more on Thursday – enough with the snow already! I realize it is still March, but I am sure ready for Spring.

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      • Thanks Melanie – today my boss was out of the office until he just walked in just a few minutes ago. If it had been nice, I could have had a longer walk this morning as he was out, but it was a wintry mix – the snow had already settled in and another inch tonight, maybe still another inch on Thursday. I don’t usually go out in the afternoon, but I looked an hour ago and it had melted. The only good thing about March is that it does not stick around for long.

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      • Melanie – I don’t know if something is wrong with WordPress, but I tried twice to comment on today’s blog post and it does not show up in the comments. The first time I thought maybe I just “returned” and didn’t press “send” (I’ve done that before, so now always check) … but I wanted to tell you it was a beautiful sentiment and glad to see the snow is no longer burdening the beautiful flowers.

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      • That’s good – I don’t comment on all things in Reader but I do like to comment on some people’s blog posts, like yours, and did not want you to think I had just disappeared or missed them. That’s the first time that has happened to me.

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