Tuesday 27th February


Cerulean Blue

The perfect colour for the sky

Deep Blue

The hurt within my heart does occupy

Beautiful Blue

Your sparkling eyes to glorify

Moody Blue

The low demeanour is drawing nigh

Out of the Blue

Memories and love amplify

Icy Blue

The cold tears falling from my eye

Translucent Blue

Your Angel wings to fly


Love you sweetie

Moon and back



Blue skies through the trees

Beautiful Blue seas

Blues at the beach

Harbour Blues

Turnstones on the harbour wall

Curious little sea birds

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  1. Sad remembrances… I am awestruck by the blueness of the sky in this post. I got behind in “Reader” and am going in reverse, just read your post about Wednesday’s snowy day … what a contrast. I like the up-close-and-personal photo of the Turnstones.

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      • I like when the birds do that – they grow dependent on you so fast, but you can see how grateful they are for any little treats you give them. You treated the blackbird today – lots of nice treats, fit for a little prince.

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      • They really appreciate it and I used to give the birds (and ducks and geese) bread and found out it is not good for them, but I still give them crackers, and oyster crackers sometimes as they float on the water. For the waterfowl, you can’t really give them fruit unless they are walking on the path, as it would sink into the water. But you feed them once, and it is like the squirrels, you are their friend forever – they are very appreciative. I can’t say if we have turnstones here … maybe not as I’ve not heard of them, unless they go by a different name here.

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      • Yes, the birds do seem to rely on you, once you’ve started to set food out for them in cold weather.
        The turnstones are a type of wading bird, sometimes known as sandpipers.

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