And today there was snow


Wednesday 28th February


And today there was snow

You would have loved it, I know

A snowball to throw

Pink cheeks all aglow

Feels like fifteen below

Turning into an Eskimo

Arctic winds blow


Wish you had been here today to play and make a snowman.

My darling Snow Angel

Love you forever


Going to see you this morning

Snow covered palm fronds

A blizzard blows

Your flowers are snowed under

Later on this afternoon, the sun came out

Towards Man’s Head

Like a lunar landscape

The putting green

No one eating alfresco

Snow covered beach

Beautiful, but so cold

Lambeth Walk

Who dares, runs

Looking down towards the Island, choppy seas beyond

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  1. Such wonderful pictures. Here too by the Sea it all looks so lovely, the garden is just so pretty with the snow. Had to sort out another pipe down out the back, didn’t stay too long outside, FREEZING. As ever take care.

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  2. Beautiful pictures with the snow covering … looks like people were enjoying the novelty of it and those big waves were something else too. I like how you had the colorful pictures and then contrasted with the black-and-white photos as well. And sad to see the snow on your son’s headstone. He passed away on my good friend (Marge whom I mentioned to you before) birthday. Also same birthday for my father.

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    • Thank you…
      The weather really did change throughout the day.
      Blue skies and sunny to begin the morning, then the blizzard came in…. a complete whiteout, then the skies cleared, but it was still so very cold, and the snow remained.
      x 👼🏻 x


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