Saturday 28th April


Sometimes our paths in life

Take us to places

We never dreamt we’d go

Unexpected spaces

Not on our travel list

No time to pack suitcases

A long, lonely road

With no smiling faces

Grief is carried forever

But mem’ries leave traces

That soften the blows

Within Angel embraces


Love you poppet

Darling Angel son


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  1. It is good to have memories and I gave a ride to a co-worker named, Roger. I felt so sad when I heard something about his personal life. He and his wife have two living children but his little boy, Sammy was diagnosed with cancer at age 2 and passed away not that long ago. He is a new employee whose mini van broke down and they had him walking to work so his wife could take the kids to babysitter’s​ and she could drive (farther than he walks) to her work. xo 💐 💕

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