Quiet time


Sunday 29th April


Such a peaceful, quiet time

Thinking about my Angel

So much to reflect upon

To your memory I’ll stay faithful


Always and forever

Moon and back

Son and Angel


Porthmeor with a cold North Easterly wind

Not many venturing into the sea

Choppy harbour

Warmer in the corner

Too rough for the pleasure boats

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      • I like it – it really is vibrant – our forsythias bushes finally appear to be unfurling … everything is in slow motion. Today it gets to 70, tomorrow to 80 and severe weather on Thursday. Truthfully, though I have complained about the cold, at least you don’t have to worry about storms due to the high heat and humidity. Those Summer storms are the worst!

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      • Oh my, your warm temperatures are most enviable….. we seem to be stuck around 48 – 50°F, with a cold wind, and drizzly rain. Roll on summer……. Please!

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      • That was us for the longest time Melanie … we got to 85 today and just three days ago our high was the same as yours – 50 degrees F. I won’t put on the A/C as this is two-day hot spell and I’ve still had the furnace on. Just crazy – you sound like us here. Our regular trees have not leafed out, just the ornamentals. I have taken some pics of those trees and going to put them in today’s post.

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      • I shut it off yesterday morning – if the blower motor in the furnace could talk, it would say “thank you … I’ve been running constantly since early November!” Usually we get a few week’s break with no heat or air conditioning on. I didn’t turn my A/C on because I still have the unit covered with a big wooden box to protect it from the elements. We are scheduled for stormy weather beginning at 8:00 p.m. tonight and gusty winds, so I figured I’d leave the wooden cover on to protect the grille area from twigs and debris in the air … but it is warmish in here.

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      • Do hope the forecast stormy weather is not too bad tonight.
        We’ve had another mostly grey day today, with temperatures reaching the heady heights of the low fifties!

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      • We have a lull in the activity and will fire up again at 3:00 and again at 7:00 … I started to work earlier since I didn’t walk and so if there is bad weather I’ll shut down. I use a laptop, and though I have a whole-house surge suppressor to supposedly avoid issues, I’d rather not be typing on the laptop in an electrical storm (most of the stuff I do is revisions anyway – I’ll still be revising tomorrow most likely).

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      • We had a wicked day today and made the national news because 260,000 people have lost power in Michigan. I was lucky today, had just a little dimming of the lights. I had four rushes to do today and had everything done, and stayed late to finish the last thing and when I was on the last paragraph I lost my connection at work, tried to use my boss’ computer and remote into his to finish and his was down too. Came back just now and everything kaput. But I feel blessed to not have lost my power – I’ve not looked in the yard, my worry is the big trees behind my house. But we had winds clocked at 63 mph at 1:00 p.m. I could feel the house shaking.

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      • It was much better today Melanie – just 9 mph winds this morning, still there, but much better. Still 150,000 people without power. I am very grateful to not lost my power and our power is back at work as well.

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      • Thanks Melanie and we had a bad storm again today – lasted almost three hours. Wind raged, torrential rain which flooded the street and hail almost an inch in diameter. Sure hope this is not going to happen all Summer.

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