Your future


Thursday 19th July


I lost your future

Our family of four

Reduced to just three

Everything and more

The hopes and dreams

Places to explore

Gone in a moment

The teardrops pour

Brother without brother

Fun and joy before

Sadly now missing

But mem’ries restore


Love you forever

Beloved Angel son


Looking down on the harbour

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  1. I can feel your love in this poem and want to give my condolences to you and your family. Such is life – its unpredictable, unfair – but we have to stay strong. As Fitzgerald put it in the Great Gatsby “beat against the currents, borne ceaselessly into the past”

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    • Thank you Melinda.
      I’m so very grateful that we had Frank for as long as we did, and were able to share so much with him.
      Hugs back to you.
      x 👼🏻 x


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