Sunday 30th September


Miss you forever

Love you forever

Cherish you forever

Treasure you forever


Now and forever

Always and forever

Today and forever

Forever and forever


Beloved Angel son


Very windy on Porthmeor Beach

The harbour was sheltered

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  1. I love reading your thoughts and think the same for my Mother. Every simple thing that we think of, you express it in words so beautifully. I feel so sorry for your loss. In fact, when I read of grief, I feel so sad to see how so many in this world are facing this situation which seems like an injustice to us. No matter what anyone says, missing the physical presence of loved ones leave us behind with a chronic pain, a permanent void and a dark, sad life.

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  2. Because he was “different”, I suppose (I don’t know what word is best to use), your bond was so much the deeper, your loss so much the harder to bear. I wish you could find peace and shelter from your memories for a while, for your sake. Please, seek out contentment, and look to your own health. I hope you are feeling better.

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    • Thank you so much for your kind and caring thoughts.
      Frank was different, he never left the family to go to college or university, never had a home of his own, did not have a social group of friends, nor a girlfriend or wife….. For thirty years we were one big, family unit. Wherever we went, he came too. All our plans included him.
      A very intense relationship really.
      And yes, his loss is very hard.
      But….. so many happy memories remain with us.
      x 👼🏻 x

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