I do miss you


Sunday 2nd December


I’m not moving on

I’m going on

There’s a difference


Keeping it together




Falling apart

But holding on

No choice


A smile masks

What lies beneath

My grief…….


I do miss you sweetie

Especially this time of year

Precious Angel son


Drizzly, mizzly Porthmeor Beach

Swirling waves

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  1. I echo your comments and thoughts of going on, but holding on to our dear loved ones that have passed. I think of Terry each and every day, no matter what I’m doing and naturally it is a lot harder during the Holidays. Hang in there, I know it is not easy. Luv, Gary

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  2. Just wanted you to know that I prayed for you today – for your continued strength and going on with the love and essence of your son with you.
    and as I was reading your posts today – I wanted you to know that as a counselor – you have helped me have a better perspective on health grief processing and just some extra insights. We get trained – and then we have our own life experiences (and for me my hardest loss was my pet, Cody – so unexpected)
    anyhow, as I want you to know that your posts are a rich resource for many readers and who knows how they will help people who later need come across them when they need them.
    I send good thoughts your way – with your huge heart and love for your son
    and love for life and remembering him

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