Daily Archives: December 21, 2018

Sombrero Beach


Friday 21st December


On Sombrero Beach

You were lost in thought

Reading a book

A moment in time, caught


So different today

After last year’s hurricane

Foliage stripped bare

A barren beach does remain


Were you with us today

As we walked over the sand?

Dipping your toes in the water

And tightly holding my hand


Love you forever

My darling Angel son


Sombrero Beach, January 2007

Sombrero Beach this morning

Grass, shrubs and hedges all gone

Sombrero Beach, still looking lovely

Still very windy in Key Largo this afternoon

Our chairs on the dock being splashed

The water has risen over a foot above normal

A breezy sunset

With a golden sunburst

A sneaky sighting of Santa on the dock

As the sun goes down