The hurt is always there


Sunday 3rd March


The hurt is always there

The constant dull ache of pain

It’ll never go away

Until I see you again

My precious sweet Angel

Much love and memories remain


Love you forever

Beloved son


Big waves rushing up the sands

A strong off-shore wind

Porthmeor sunshine

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  1. Yes it is. I lost my dearest friend at the end of February. I’m still reeling and I have had some very bad days. It doesn’t matter much (to me) that she was four footed and covered in fur. She saw me through some of my blackest days. She was loyal and I loved her. I fancied she loved me too, but unconditionally. I’m so sorry for your loss. I’ve been following your blog for many years now and I hope time softens the pain a little. We never lose that pain completely, but it’s how we come through that might tell the final tale. Condolences.

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  2. Yes, I don’t like the term “grieving period.” Like your supposed to grieve for a set amount of time and then suddenly everything is great. It’s just not like that when you lose someone very close to you.

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