Can you hear the sunlight


Thursday 29th August


Can you hear the sunlight

Sparkling on the ocean?

Can you taste the waves

Breaking with emotion?

Can you touch the depths

Though your heart is broken?

Can you see the salinity

Moving in slow motion?

Can you smell the ebbing tide

Devoid of locomotion?


Thinking of you always

My sweetheart Angel son


A brighter Porthmeor Beach today

Surf school going strong

Lots of rocks and stones uncovered at the west end

The school holidays are almost over

Enjoying the last few beach days

Red self drive boats awaiting passengers

A strange roll of cloud over the harbour

A young seagull

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  1. What a lovely poem and I’m so sorry about your son! I loved the lines “Can you touch the depths
    Though your heart is broken?” I believe after great tragedy that our hearts have greater depth and feeling than they did before we mourned. It is a gift and a curse. We can love deeper, but the pain can be greater. The one thing I’m most grateful for is knowing that laughter, love and joy will again light our days. x

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