Daily Archives: August 1, 2019

Virtual colonoscopy


Thursday 1st August


A very early start

To Exeter hospital

Up before the dawn

Anxious? Just a little


Virtual colonoscopy

Along with a CT scan

Quite uncomfortable

Be as quick as you can!


Starving since Tuesday

No solid food on Wednesday

A noisy, rumbling tum

Keep hunger pangs at bay


Glad when it’s all over

The anxiousness declines

Heartbeat slowing down

Back to normal times


Two weeks to wait

Scanxiety strikes again

Radiographer’s report

But I’m not one to complain


A clinical drugs trial

I’m looked after so well

Malignant melanoma

The fears I try to dispel


Doing something positive

Seems a good idea to me

Looking after my body

Cancer can do one, you see


Thinking of you sweetie

Missing you every day

Wishing you were here

With angels you play



Driving to Exeter, just after 6:00am

A mellow, warm sky