Gone from my arms


Saturday 17th August


Gone from my arms

But placed in my heart

I cannot hold you

But we’re never apart


Love you poppet

Darling Angel son


A few cirrus clouds, high in the sky, over Porthmeor

Red flagged at the Island end

Colourful windbreaks and tents

Pretty cirrus wisps above the harbour

Low tide

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  1. I just “outed” you to a friend who’s vacationing in the motherland. She posted pics of her morning hike, and I was caught instantly by the thought, “That’s the SAME beach MeRaw posts pics of!”
    Of course, I had to tell her and I told her I couldn’t recall you ever including the name of the beach – as she had – but it was Tate adjacent, so by Chris-Logic, it *had* to be the same beach.
    Then, of course, today I see you name the beach…yup, Porthmeor.
    If you see brassy yank gals wearing floppy hats, give her a wave!

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    • Oh my… How extraordinary. I’ll be on the lookout for big hats and American accents now. 😊🇺🇲😊
      (At the moment there are lots of German and Japanese tourists in town. They love the location of the filming of the Rosamunde Pilcher romantic fiction novels. And of course the amazing location of the Tate above Porthmeor Beach 🏖️).
      Waving frantically to all Americans 👋🏻
      Thank you and take care.
      Melanie x

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