Blanket of grey


Sunday 15th September


Even though the sky overhead

Is covered in a blanket of grey

I know you’re up there somewhere

Surfing along the Milky Way


Missing you always

Loving you forever

Thinking of you daily

Until we’re together


Treasured Angel son


Rock and seaweed exposed as the sea washes away the sand

Flat grey skies

Low tide in the harbour this afternoon

Grey and muggy

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  1. I read the line about him surfing the Milky Way, and the thought popped into my head: Can you imagine all he’s seen? And then I thought: I bet he’s planning a tour for you. As you showed him this mortal world, he’ll show you the universe when the time comes.

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  2. I love yellow roses. Those are gorgeous photos! And your pictures make the gray sky look inviting, where most gray skies are not. Comforting to think of your sweet son up there cruising the grayness, isn’t it?

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