Daily Archives: April 10, 2020

And off we go again


Friday 10th April


And off we go again

For our loop around the town

To the end of our road

Porthmeor Hill to walk down


You came this way many times

Up and down, round and about

Across all the many beaches

Keeping you fit, there is no doubt


Thinking of you

Missing you

Remembering you

Love you forever


Precious Angel son


The start of our walk down Porthmeor Hill

Well of St. Ia, a fifth century saint, who arrived in St. Ives having crossed from the Irish Sea upon a leaf

The well provided water for the lower part of the town up until 1843

The cove and reef at a very low tide

The ‘Boilers’ are all that remain from the wreck of the SS Alba, which ran aground in 1938

Blue skies over the harbour

The Chapel on top of the Island