Monthly Archives: May 2020



Wednesday 20th May


You and me

Good company

I can see

That you are free

No guarantee

My sweet baby

That we would be

Living differently

In reality

You’re heavenly


Thinking of you my sweetie

Treasured Angel son


View of Godrevy Lighthouse from the bottom garden

It’s outgrowing the pot

Japanese maple

Roses in the back garden

A rich orange

A bright yellow


An afternoon cream tea


Monday 18th May


An afternoon cream tea

Sitting in the sunshine

First time I’ve seen my mum

Since lockdown did confine


Separately laid tables

White lace cloths and flowers

Social distancing observed

For almost a couple of hours


First time since mid March

Face to face for a chat

Such a lovely moment

Talking about this and that


You’d have loved it too

Eating scones, talking to Nan

Enjoying those immensely

With clotted cream and jam


Precious Angel son


Perfect blue


Sunday 17th May


Just perfect blue

And shiny bright

Waves come dancing

Children’s delight


Chasing the foreshore

Then retreating

Over and over

And repeating


Surging again

To wet the toes

Screams of laughter

Slightly wet clothes


So crystal clear

With dappled hues

Small fish swimming

Gulls to confuse


Thinking of you

Beloved Angel son


West End, Porthmeor Beach

The Island

Harbour high tide

A sunny Sunday

To the lighthouse

So very clear

Rope shadows

The steps

Towards the slipway