Greens and blues


Monday 15th June


See the colours of greens and blues

Exquisite aquamarine hues

A heavy, dark, foreboding sky

But mostly today, remaining dry


Thinking of you

Beloved Angel son


Looking along Lambeth Walk towards Pedn Olva

Dark and moody

Very still at Porthmeor Beach

Very few waves

Walking along the water’s edge

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    • At present it feels quite safe wandering around, people are generally courteous and move out of one another’s way.
      It is unseasonably quiet, and I really like it like this!
      Goodness knows what will happen when restrictions ease, holidaymakers fill up the town, traffic’s at a standstill, and the narrow streets are impossibly crowded.
      A one way system has been proposed, and most traffic banned from the town centre between 10am and 4pm. This is still to be agreed, with many niggles to be ironed out.
      We’ll see……

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