Not so far away


Friday 9th October


Missing you

Every single day

Each time I take a breath

I know you’re not so far away


Love you sweetheart

Treasured Angel son


Porthmeor Beach

A kite surfer about to hit the waves

The harbour was less windy

Still many tourists in town

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  1. I love to see your changing beach day it’s flat with tons of folks enjoying it, then it’s furious waves..a bit like we have here..although I’m sure in the winter it gets really cold. How is the whole covid situation where you are? Here in Florida it’s like people are over the whole thing..I mean everyone is in masks, but going about their business..(restaurants may be a little less crowded) I know I personally am fatigued by it all..still vigilant and somewhat paranoid, but tired with an occasional wave of being ticked off afresh about the whole dumb situation. ugh.

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    • Thank you very much indeed.
      Yes, the beach and ocean change daily, and never fail to fascinate and provide hours of engrossing relaxation.
      Where we live, (a small seaside town, where hordes of holidaymakers descend in their thousands), the locals are becoming a little more than a bit miffed!!
      The incidence of Covid here is low, and many visitors say they come here to get away from ‘all that Covid stuff at home’.
      So many locals don’t go into town as they feel afraid within the crowds, where mask wearing and social distancing seems non existent.
      As many have not been able to take foreign holidays, they come down here 😒
      The supermarkets, pubs and restaurants all have measures put in place to keep everyone safe, but there has been a lot of rudeness and lack of manners displayed.
      It really does seem that it will be with us for a very long time.
      Hope you are well and staying safe.
      Take good care.


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