No ‘other side’


Tuesday 26th January


There is surely no ‘other side’

Where, away from fear, you glide

With head held high, you stride


But there are times when I’ve cried

Though all the tears may have dried

I’m grateful that you’re my guide


Thinking of you

Missing you

Remembering you

Loving you


Treasured Angel son


Cloudy, grey, misty, drizzly, rainy all day

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    • I think when I began to write, I was imaging the other side of grief, finding my way through… But not being able to get there, so to speak.

      I do believe my son is both with me in spirit, and existing some place else. An Angel, a celestial being; out there, somewhere… If that makes sense 😊

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      • Oh I understand now. I swear lately I’m not comprehending what I read. The other day I read someone was “MIA” but they typed it “Mia” and the whole time I thought that was the person’s name 😂😂.
        But I agree, I don’t think there’s an other side of grief, as though we walk through a door and leave it on the other side, there’s just getting through until the real other side when you reunite.


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