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Happy birthday Luke


Saturday 17th April


Happy birthday Luke

Today you’re thirty four

Wishing you happiness

With love and so much more

Just wish we could be there

To help you celebrate

Soon as lock down is over

We’re on a plane, can’t wait


Happy birthday Luke

Love you lots

From all of us

And Frank too



Happy birthday sweetie pie


Monday 18th January


Happy birthday sweetie pie

Today you’d be thirty six

Wonder what we’d be doing

Laughing, up to your old tricks


Those presents, candles and cake

A time for celebration

But six birthdays you have missed

So much lamentation


And so today we’ll reminisce

Remembering you with love

Knowing that you’re safe and sound

With the angels up above


Thinking of you daily

My darling Angel baby

Missing you like crazy

And loving you greatly


Happy birthday


Wednesday 14th October


Happy, happy birthday

Three score years and ten

Enjoy your day, and then

We’ll do it all over again


Happy birthday husband

Frank gives you a kiss

Sending love and hugs

On a day such as this


Sweet dreams my Angel

Precious son




A fabulous cake

Gary ~ awesome at 70

Out for lunch

Lemon and strawberry gin and tonic

My veggie bubble

Gary’s burger and fries

Happy thirty third


Friday 17th April


Happy thirty third

Rotation around the sun

May your birthday be

A really joyful one

Just wish we could be there

To help you celebrate

Soon as lock down is over

We’re on a plane, can’t wait


Happy birthday Luke

Love you lots

From all of us

And Frank too



Happy birthday to my mum


Monday 5th August


Happy birthday to my mum

Eighty seven years old today

A trip to Paradise Park

Parrots, penguins, birds of prey

Brought along by the care home

A treat to watch the flying display

Fresh air and lots of sunshine

Smiling on your special day


Frank sends birthday wishes too

Darling Angel son


Penguins on parade, waiting to be fed

Happy birthday Mum

Beautiful great green macaws

Variegated leaves of a canna

Close enough to touch

Birthday Bath


Monday 28th May


A birthday in Bath

Around the Abbey

Stop for coffee and cake

It’s not too shabby


Temperature is warm

But the clouds are grey

Doesn’t really matter

‘Cos it’s my birthday


Then to Castle Coombe

Watching racing cars

Roaring round the circuit

A passion of ours


Into the paddock

Looking behind the scenes

Mechanics tinkering

On their fast machines


Eight point four litres

Of the Chrysler Viper

Absolute favourite car

The crowd going hyper


Then the Bathampton Mill

For a bite to eat

Warm enough to sit

Outside, it’s a treat


Overlooking the weir

Of the River Avon

A peaceful venue

Quiet, rustic haven


The early evening

Sees the sky turn blue

Clouds melting away

Golden sunset hue.


Thinking of you sweetie

Just wish you were here

Celebrating with me

My darling, my dear


Precious Angel son


Coffee and cake

The Abbey in Bath

Parade Gardens, Bath

Winding roads on the way to Castle Coombe

Narrow road over the Avon, with the Bathampton Mill on the opposite bank

Porsche Boxster

Vauxhall Tigra Silhouette

Ginetta G50

One of the Formula Fords

Lamborghini Huracan

The best! 8.4 litres of Viper

Mazda RX7


Batheaston Toll Bridge

At the Bathampton Mill

Ice cold beers



Tuesday 17th April


Your brother’s birthday today

Feliz cumpleaños we say

Breakfast in the riverside cafe

Tostada y café con leche

Children with bikes do play

Ducks beneath the bridge archway

In the bright sunshine we did stay

Enjoying the weather while we may


You should be here with us

Beloved Angel son


Puente de Palmas across the river Guadiana

Swan on the water

So many geese and ducks

Nesting or looking for food

Back to Luke’s for lunch and pressies

An afternoon walk to Badajoz cathedral

Narrow streets

Sun shade squares ~ it was 30°C this afternoon

Orange trees, with beautifully fragrant blossom

Badajoz Town Hall

The side of the cathedral

Narrow streets and coffee shops

Capitanía Badajoz

Happy birthday darling boy 


Thursday 18th January 


Happy birthday darling boy

Wish I could tell you face to face 

But that can now never be 

Since you flew to that heavenly place


Three birthdays spent without us

Since an angel you became

Up there, beyond the clouds 

Our lives are now just not the same 


So many memories left behind 

So much fun, love and laughter

You filled our house with so much joy

Now there’s silence forever after 


Today you would be thirty three 

With many plans yet to fulfill 

You had so much to live for 

Now everything seems to stand still


So, many happy returns dear Frank 

I hold you safely within my heart

That is where you’re going to stay

Making sure we are never apart 



A Care Bear for cuddles xxx

A quiet birthday


Monday 17th April

Today was your brother’s thirtieth birthday. Celebrations should have been in order. Unfortunately, following yesterday’s lunch he came down with a very bad case of food poisoning. 

Most of the day was spent quietly resting, but early evening we went out for a walk by the river, followed by dinner at an Italian restaurant.

Cumpleaños Feliz, Luke ~ how to embarrass a thirty year old.

You would have liked the meal my darling, and you would have laughed at your brother being embarrassed by everyone in the restaurant applauding.

Sweetheart Angel son


An evening stroll and a cold beer

The river Guadiana in late evening sun

The birthday boy

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday Hank


Saturday 4th February

Happy birthday to my father

A life well-lived and so fast-paced

He would be eighty five today

Always fun, never straight-laced.


And on World Cancer Day…………

My father ~ Pancreatic Cancer

My son ~ Testicular Cancer

Me ~ Metastatic Malignant Melanoma


Missing you my Angel father Hank

Missing you my Angel son Frank.


Hank and I. August 2008

Hank and Prince Charles

4.2.1932  –  5.10.2009

Remembering when we were in Scotland and HRH Prince Charles was taken on a two hour, supersonic flying sortie with Hank in a Phantom fighter-bomber. The flight included an air-to-air refuelling exercise with a Victor tanker, taking on 1200 gallons of fuel. They flew as high as 40,000 feet and as low as 1000 feet, making a pass over Balmoral, (reported at the time, as an ‘extrovert flourish’).

Hank and his three children ~ me, my sister and brother ~ early 70’s 

Hank and my mum. Receiving the bar to his AFC

Phantoms over Scotland