My lovely mum


Monday 8th March


An afternoon visit

To see my lovely mum

A care home resident

For six years, then some


Wheelchair bound, with dementia

Mind slowly fading away

Held her hand, talking

Smiling, made my day


You did love your Nan

Such a bond between you

My darling Angel son

Lots of hugs is what you’d do


Thinking of you


Sunny St Ives this morning

Mum wearing a mask

We were allowed to hold hands

Trying for a smile

Mum began to fall asleep

So good to share time together

Mum in her teens

Early twenties

Making friends with a kangaroo on Pebbly Beach, NSW

About six years ago

A Christmas photo

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  1. What a beautiful woman!
    It is so wonderful that you still have your love and beautiful mom with you.
    Unfortunately my beloved mother is no longer with us. She passed away nine years ago. I think of my beautiful mother every day and I miss her so much.
    I wish you all the best…
    Rosie from Germany

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