Daily Archives: April 4, 2015

Full Moon Angel


Saturday 4th April

We sat with you again today, and the tears just keep on flowing. I’m forever trying to warm up your face and hands, but they’re icy cold. We talk to you, we tell you that you’re safe, we know you’re no longer in any pain. You lie so still, with the teddy and dolphin to protect you. We kiss you; kisses from us, and from your younger brother. We touch your heart, and want you to know that we are there with you, as you are in our hearts forever. Know that your brother loves you, and is just completely lost without you. He is not sleeping properly, and seems so very sad all the time. Withdrawn and heartbroken. He looked out for you, he did.

Later on in the evening, when we leave our younger son’s place, the biggest full moon is shining a path towards us across the sea. It’s you. Looking down upon us. Being a part of us. And we miss you more than words can say. Our full moon Angel xxx