Daily Archives: April 23, 2015

It’s Thursday again


Thursday 23rd April

I don’t think I like Thursdays anymore at all. It’s now six long weeks since that dreadful evening when I couldn’t bring you back to life. Despite mouth-to-mouth and chest compressions, you slipped away and gained your Angel wings. I tried so hard, but you had gone. And now our lives have been changed irrevocably

I will always remember your face as I turned over your warm, but lifeless body. In our bed, snuggled under the duvet, finally at peace and pain-free. No more doctors, scans or chemotherapy.

Visiting your graveside has become a daily pilgrimage. We water the flowers trying to keep them fresh, we touch your wooden cross with the simple brass nameplate, and we talk to you.

Our younger son thinks this is a little unhealthy because it makes us sad and unhappy. But I find standing beside you and speaking to you strangely comforting. We just want you to know that we are close by, that we think of you all the time, that we don’t want you to be alone.

Our son. Our Angel.

We love you. We always will.

We. Just. Miss. You. So. Much. xxxx