Daily Archives: April 21, 2015

Lighting candles



Tuesday 21st April

Your funeral was two weeks ago, in the same church where you and your brother were christened, where we were married, too.

We go there today to light candles for you. To let you know we are thinking about you all the time, and that we miss you terribly.

We sit, watching the flames flicker, the sunlight casting colourful shadows on the stone floor as it glints through the stained-glass windows.

Two weeks ago, so many people came to pay their respects and show condolences. You certainly left your mark on our town. Memories of you are so far-reaching. Such an individual, loving, caring character you turned out to be. Our son.

Going to your graveside is no easier, but we still water the flowers for you, talk to you, and end up weeping. We just cannot understand why this had to happen. We tried so hard to look after you and protect you.

We just miss you xxx