Our grief


Wednesday 15th April

Our grief over the loss of you is immense. For as long as our hearts beat, we will be always missing you.

You had the power to instill within us, such great love and compassion towards you.

You were our life. We lived with you, for you, because of you. And now it’s so damned difficult to live without you.

Your He Man sword on it’s pillow of white flowers is buried with you.

You have the power to live in our hearts forever.

It’s damp and misty when we visit your graveside today, but we must summon up all our strength and power, to talk with you, to share our love for you, to remember the good times, to tell you that you’re safe now.

You are our Starman with Angel wings.

You are He Man who has the power.

Fly free with the angels, sleep peacefully, without pain. Look down on us, and know how deeply we love and miss you xxxx


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