No thrills


Friday 15th May

The thrill is gone, sang BB King, and since you left our lives, that’s how it feels too.
We seem to have lost our sparkle, without you around to tear things up a bit.

For thirty years you were our son, to be joined two years later by your brother.
A family of four. Perfect. Happy. Content.
You laughed, you argued, you loved, you manipulated, you cared, you fought, you played, you learnt.
You were such a huge part of our lives.
We loved you both unconditionally.
We thought you’d have at least another thirty years of living.

Then five months after the diagnosis of testicular cancer, you were gone.
So sudden. Unexpected. We were not prepared at all.
Why should we have been?
We were told everything was going so well.

So yes, the thrill has gone from our lives.
That sparkle is up in heaven now.
Love you forever xxxx

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