Thursday 21st May

Ten weeks.
Seventy days.
Thursday has come round again.
And you have a new neighbour.

You used to love play-acting, role-play, drama, pretending to be someone else. Sometimes you would be a little old German lady, a loud, shouting Chinese man, a Scottish granny, or West Indian Rasta man. You liked to think you spoke the lingo, with demonstrative gesticulations. One of your favourite names for an old granny was Betty: Bettieeeeeee, you would say over and over again.

Well, today she was buried next to you. A lady called Betty laid to rest. A spray of beautiful orchids had been taken from one of her wreaths, and gently placed in front of your cross. A tender gesture.

Another Betty with whom you identified was Betty Boop. You made a point of searching her out when we visited Islands of Adventure in Orlando. Many a time you would queue up for a kiss. And she did seem to fuss over you for a little longer than anyone else. She certainly did make you feel loved.

And we sure loved you with all our hearts.
Fly high with Betty.
Laugh, giggle and have fun together.

Darling Angel son xxxx

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  1. When my grandfather passed, I ended up receiving a box, a family member had taken his clothes to be made into things. His button down shirts into quilts, his t shirt into teddy bears (so soft!), his sweaters into pillows. It’s been 5 years and I have every one. Maybe there is something like that where you live.

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