Your smile



Tuesday 10th November

I really needed a bit of cheering up today. I needed to smile. And then I came across a set of photographs of you, after you had taken part in a trampoline competition.

You really enjoyed your trampoline sessions: they built up your core strength, you learnt to be part of a team, you developed a sense of discipline and patience, as well as remembering the set routines you had to perform

You were so proud and pleased to receive an award for sixth place, out of quite a large number of participants. This improved your self-esteem quite markedly.

And then you got a fit of the giggles. You couldn’t stop laughing and joking about, all the while, tightly holding onto your certificate.


The hilarity of the trampoline certificate.

Such a silly, funny, happy face.
Such innocent, untroubled times.
Your smile certainly does make me smile.
I love you so very much.
And I miss you unbelievably.

My sweet treasure.
My darling Angel.
My son.



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