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A hero like you



Wednesday 4th November

“The only conclusion I come to
     Is heaven was needing a
                hero like you.”

Superheroes and Supervillains: you loved everything and anything to do with the Marvel characters.

We have many comics of yours upstairs, some still in their protective plastic sleeves, as they are old editions.
We have your Marvel books, videos, DVD’s, toys and t-shirts, too.

Really and truly you liked the Supervillains more, those who were up to no good, those who thought they could get away with their evil deeds. They were the naughty, but exciting ones to you.

And here you are in the clutches of the Green Goblin, one of the villains who plagued Spiderman:


Captured by the Green Goblin

This photograph was taken on one of our earlier visits to Marvel Super Hero Island of Adventure in Orlando. You had an amazing time, testing out all the rides, meeting the characters, and wandering in and out of the shops.
You were so happy, enthralled by everything you saw.

Even as you grew up, and became a young man, our annual summer vacations to America, (and a few during the Christmas holidays too), always had to include trips to the theme parks of Orlando. You never grew tired of the Hulk or Spider-Man rides at Islands of Adventure.

Over at Universal Studios, you always had fun on the Men in Black ride, shooting all the aliens:


MIB August 20th 2013 (We're in the front)

And one year, we found a secret route to get back on the Mummy ride, without having to queue again. A bit sneaky, but you thought it was hilarious.


The Revenge of the Mummy. August 20th 2013

You were eleven when we first went to Orlando, and twenty nine on our last visit. The magic was as special for you in 2014, as it had been in 1996.

Having Asperger Syndrome, you felt comfortable with a planned routine, and sorting out our itinerary was one of the things you enjoyed before we set off. You always remembered where the rides were, as if you kept a map of each park in your head. You never forgot.

I wish we could continue with our theme park trips.
But it just wouldn’t be the same without you, now.
For many, many years you allowed us, (and brought a child-like fun into our lives), to be able to enjoy these times for so long.
We made so many happy memories with you, and your brother.
Our ‘family’ life was very much extended, because of you.
We were so very fortunate to share your ‘childhood’ for as long as we did.
Fun times, simple pleasures, no worries, happy days.
Your brother stopped coming on holiday with us, when he was seventeen: it wasn’t really ‘cool’ to vacation with mum and dad anymore.
But you, you never moved on, or moved away from us. We were your family, your life, your everything, for thirty wonderful years.

And we miss you so very much.

My Superhero Angel.
Love you forever.
Darling son.