Christmas and tomato soup



Friday 25th December

Tomato soup is what you want,
No Christmas turkey for you.
You like to be different, oppositional.
Making a statement is what you do.

So, whilst all plates are piled high
With vegetables, meat and stuffing,
You sit down with a simple bowl,
Slurping it all, leaving nothing.

Your Christmas fare for many years,
Relied upon that tin of Heinz.
You just liked to be controversial.
It’s what you did so many times.

A cheeky grin upon your face,
A rude word, an infectious giggle.
Everyone couldn’t help but smile,
Out of mischief you would wriggle.

You made us laugh, made us cry.
We fought for you to have the best.
For thirty years we tried so hard,
Then it was time to lay you to rest.

Remembering you this Christmas Day.
With an empty chair, a tin of soup.
We raise our glasses, say your name.
Wishing you were with the family group.

Merry Christmas my darling.
Love you forevermore.
Missing you every day.

Remembering our Christmas Day, five years ago in Disney World……..


Frankie Angel bear with his tomato soup



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