The rustle of Angel wings



Thursday 24th December

“Have a lovely……….ermmm
May your Christmas be as good as it can be.”

“Are you looking forward to Christmas?”

“It’ll be different this year for you.”

“Doing anything nice for Christmas?”

“Try and enjoy as best as you can.”

Bumping into people laden down with Christmas shopping, last minute gifts to buy, or just out for a Christmas Eve walk, we are greeted with ‘normal’ festive cheer……..

Until the realisation hits.

Shouldn’t have said that.
Oh, that wasn’t very tactful.
Whoa, reign in the jollity a bit.

Some get halfway through a sentence, and retract, others turn their large smile into a sympathetic frown, others go all serious, stating the blindingly obvious, and some just apologise profusely.

Sometimes, the best greetings though, are those without words: just a gentle hug, or a squeeze of the hand or arm.
That conveys so very much.

Today has been difficult.
Visiting the cemetery today, we both cried, standing beside you.
But you know what? There was a robin redbreast watching us intently for a good long while, as he hopped about close by.

Coming to the end of our walk around the town, we went into the church to light candles for you. And we both sobbed, again.

We miss you so very much, this your first Christmas in heaven.

But you are here, aren’t you?
All around I do feel your presence.
And I believe you are safe within my heart.

If I listen closely
I can hear the rustle
Of Angel wings…..
And I know you’re still with us.”.

Love you forever.
To the moon and back,
Around the stars and planets,
And beyond.
Missing you on Christmas Eve.



Our Christmas ornament for you 2015


Christmas eve. Five years ago. Cocoa Beach. Happy smiles.



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  1. Very moving, the memories of your dearly beloved child is what will always stay with you, remembering the life you had shared, knowing that he’s no longer suffering, would be the best kind of console during the holiday seasons, and, the holidays are, especially hard, after you’d lost someone that you loved very much.

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