Ten months



Tuesday 12th January

Ten months ago you passed away.
And I think of you every single day.
We tried so hard to make you stay.
But we know we’ll see you someday.

With Angel wings you flew up high.
I can’t believe it, I don’t know why.
Sometimes I just sit here and cry.
I love you my darling, sweetie pie.





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  1. To date I am assured that this is the most intimate and heart felt blog I have decided to follow. Came across you as a recommendation by another blogger and already my heart has been captured. As a mother of a son with special needs, he is my only and a miracle for me. A mother I never though I would ever be. My Isaiah brings me so much joy and is the center of my world. Although just 4 yrs old if I lost him I think I would die….. He’s changed me so; for the better of course! Strangers we are but I feel connected to your sorrow, your story, your Frank. What a sweet precious angel he is and will remain. Gone prematurely but a legacy he leaves. You as his mom are assuring to let the world know he lived! In God’s arms now. The beauty is that he has affected so many lives. I thank you for sharing him with the world . (Sorry so long) Thanks for the follow…🌹

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