My love for you



Monday 18th April

I miss you more
With each passing day
Rather than missing you less.

The sad silence
Began the moment your
Little heart stopped beating.

I’ll never again
Experience life and living
In the same way as I did before.

And there are times
When I just cannot believe
That you are gone; the finality hurts.

Memories I have
Are precious and numerous
I wish you were here to make more.

My love for you
Continues now and always
To the moon and back and all the world.

My darling son
Now an Angel in heaven
Forever young; safe in my heart.



Badajoz cathedral


Sitting beneath orange trees, having an afternoon coffee


Narrow streets with pavement restaurants

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  1. I’ve never said this before but I want to say it now. I am so sorry for your loss and my heart goes out to you. And your posts are very touching. Love. (Sorry I don’t even know your name)

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  2. My heart hurts. It is not sympathy. I read this and thought what if I never got see my daughters face again and I looked at your pictures and thought there is something missing from them. The face of the one you love. xxxx

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