The road to Wales


Friday 5th August

We left home yesterday morning to drive to Bristol, battling with the summer holiday traffic. We arrived at our destination late this afternoon: a terrific pub within the walls of Caernarfon Castle, built in 1522. The rooms are quite individual, with creaky floors, beamed ceilings and thick walls. Our room is right over the entrance, and we look out upon the children’s playpark and the castle ruins.

We are here to join up with about two hundred other people for the annual Testicular Cancer Memorial Trek walking up Mount Snowdon. 

Last year we took eight hours to complete the round trip, with many, many stops along the way, and at least a good hour at the summit. It really was a monumental effort for us not-very-fit people.

This year I have booked train tickets, and our aim is to catch the Snowdon Mountain Railway train to the summit, and walk down.

Hopefully this time we will have a lot more energy for the descent, and complete it in a quicker time, arriving back at the beginning before 6:00pm, when almost every one else had gone home.

But the day is not about a race; it’s about remembering those who have been taken by this cruel disease, and raising awareness.

We will be thinking of you, my darling, every step of the way. Your spirit will walk along with us.

Love you so very much.

Missing you every single day.

Precious Angel son.


The view from our room

Castle walls

Roadway inside the castle walls, through the archway

A dark doorway

Frankie Angel bear is with us

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  1. I love seeing your posts. This was a bit bitter sweet (if this makes sense) – amazing pics yet seeing the swing set… I got teary eyed. A reminder to play. I love your bear! Thank you for sharing. Safe travels and enjoy!!

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