Snowdon 2016


Saturday 6th August


We awoke to a beautiful sunny morning, had a wholesome breakfast, and left early to drive to Llanberis.

The annual memorial testicular cancer trek saw many survivors, family members and supporters gathered outside the mountain railway buildings. Following speeches and a minute’s silence to remember those no longer with us, the majority of the group set off.

Our plan had been to take the train up to the summit, and walk down.


At the top there was a howling gale, swirling mist, low level cloud cover, and the temperature was quite chilly.


There followed a quick scramble up to the actual summit, playing at being sure-footed mountain goats, taking a few photographs, saying a few quiet words to Frank, then back on the train, for an hour’s descent down the steep railway tracks.

I really think we’d still be walking now if we hadn’t let the train take the strain.

An emotional day, meeting some great people, raising awareness, and remembering you my darling. We miss you so much. There’s not a day that goes by when we don’t think of you.

Love you forever.

Treasured Angel son.


Speeches and a minute’s silence

Requisite selfie at the start

At the start with Frank’s dolphin

View from the train

From the summit looking down in the mist

Dad and I with Frankie Angel bear at the summit

Frankie Angel bear on the actual summit

Me and Frankie Angel bear in front of the summit

The summit in the mist 

Frank’s dolphin and Frankie Angel bear

A view from the train

Safely back at the start

All over for this year

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