Daily Archives: September 2, 2016

Sea World


Friday 2nd September

Looking through the photos on my phone, I came across this video that Google had put together ~ I hadn’t seen it before ~ I really didn’t know it was there.

You had such a lot of fun: it was 7th August 2014, a hot morning and we had decided to visit Sea World. Manta was your favourite ride here, and you and Dad went on it numerous times. 

To cool down we went to Antarctica; Empire of the Penguin, enjoying the spinning ride until disembarkation at the penguin habitat where the temperature is just below freezing. You liked watching the penguins waddle and swim, touching the icy walls, and wandering around the exhibit. It certainly was a great place to escape from the heat outside.

We also watched the Shamu show, went to the top of the Sky Tower and laughed at the sea lions being fed. 

The day ended with an almighty thunderstorm, followed by a beautiful sunset.

Watching the video reminded me of all the happy times we had; the haunting music chosen by Google to go with the clip saddens me, but seems apt; I know we’ll never have these opportunities again.

But I have the best memories ever.

I miss you so much, precious Angel son.


Calm afternoon in the harbour