Fortune Centre


Sunday 20th November

Today we attended the Ruby Anniversary of the Fortune Centre of Riding Therapy (located in the New Forest); celebrating forty years of educating young people, for whom life has proved a challenge. Our son Frank attended in 2001, on a three year Further Education Through Horsemanship course.

Life skills are taught with the interaction of horses: whether grooming, keeping a tidy stable, measuring feed and weighing hay nets, exercise, or discipline. Numeracy, literary, and social skills, and the ability to achieve success, where this had previously been lacking, brought such a change to Frank’s life.

Frank had an amazing time at FCRT, where living, caring for and working with the horses improved his social skills, his confidence and of course, his horse riding. 

We were welcomed by the director, who remembered Frank so fondly, and when we all moved outdoors for the dedication of a Founder’s Garden, she spoke affectionately about our son, bringing tears to my eyes. Frank really made an impression on everyone he met.

We love you, my darling.

Miss you so very much.

Our heavenly horseman in heaven.


‘Fortune’ the original pony, after whom the centre was named

Meeting with Martin Clunes, one of the patrons of the Fortune Centre

William, one of the horses at FCRT, with a beautiful temperament

The splendid colours of the New Forest

My new pal, Doc Martin. (I do look quite surprised)

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  1. Sounds like you’re healing, going back to the places your son had lived his life, and, you’d felt light, without the sorrows, and it will get easier every single day, just keep on putting one foot in front of the other, and keeping the love you feel for your child inside…

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