Daily Archives: December 31, 2016

New Year’s Eve


Saturday 31st December

At midday we began our drive to Key West to see the New Year celebrations. We weren’t sure what to expect, but we knew we wanted to see the sunset, and were hoping for a good display ~ the colours didn’t disappoint as we sat sipping cocktails on the aptly named Sunset Pier. 

As evening fell the crowds began parading up and down Duval Street; everyone in such a happy, party mood. We went into Sloppy Joe’s for a beer and listened to an excellent band, followed later with nachos in the Gas Monkey, whilst listening to some excellent, very loud, rock music. 

As midnight approached we made our way back to Sloppy Joe’s where the giant conch would begin it’s descent at 11:59pm. As thousands gathered, pop music blared out, mardi gras necklaces were thrown from rooftops and people waited expectantly. As the countdown began, the conch was slowly lowered and the crowd roared their appreciation as streamers flew through the air, and fireworks exploded in the night sky.

Wish you could be with us as we begin another year. 

Remembering you with so much love.

My dearest, darling Angel.


Trying on party hats

Your Grinch came along too, so you were there with us

Lunchtime at Sunset Pier

A most delicious Pusser’s Painkiller

The sun beginning to go down

Dad and I enjoying the last few rays of sunshine

The sun is almost gone

The last few rays

Many sunset cruises returning to dry land

Ahhhhhh……..your brother and his girlfriend

Festive trees

Change of clothes, ready for the evening

Silly billies

352 minutes to go……

We managed to catch some necklaces

Your brother bought me a New Year’s crown

The gathering crowds