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Happy birthday Luke


Saturday 17th April


Happy birthday Luke

Today you’re thirty four

Wishing you happiness

With love and so much more

Just wish we could be there

To help you celebrate

Soon as lock down is over

We’re on a plane, can’t wait


Happy birthday Luke

Love you lots

From all of us

And Frank too



Forever sorrow


Tuesday 31st July


It feels unreal

A bad dream

Replayed daily

With a silent scream


Thought about

Every single moment

That you’re not here

A living torment


Such ever-present pain

The broken heart

Brother without brother

Family split apart


Missing you today

Even more tomorrow

It’ll never go away

My forever sorrow.


Love you sweetheart

Beloved Angel son


The harbour this afternoon

So busy on Porthmeor Beach today

You and your brother on an empty Porthmeor Beach

At Land’s End

Your brother is King of the Castle



Tuesday 17th July


Said goodbye to younger son

Flying back to Portugal and Spain

One week has passed so quickly

But so lovely to see him again


He came along to see you

Standing quietly, reminiscing

Did you know that he was there?

Looking back and wishing


We really do miss you so much

My dearest, darling Angel son

Sleep tight, fly high, shine bright

At peace, now forever young



Waiting at Newquay Airport to board

Saying goodbye

On the plane to Faro, a last wave



Friday 13th July


I do wish you were here

And I could see your face

Hear your voice and laughter

Hold you in a tight embrace


You’d come out for dinner

With brother, aunt and niece

So much giggling together

The fun would never cease


Missing you so much

Darling Angel son


Nan and your brother xxx

Triple chocolate martini

Coco coco cocktail

The harbour, just before sunset

The view walking home after dinner

Late last night


Wednesday 11th July


It was late last night

At twenty past ten

Knocking on the door

Just look who’s here, then


Your brother, from Spain

Flown in to Newquay

A great big surprise

We’d have to agree


A weekend wedding

Of an old school mate

A week spent with us

Is going to be great


I think you’d be cross

Turning up like that

Not letting us know

No message or chat


You’d grumble and groan

Although secretly

You’d be having fun

Enjoy his company


Just wish you were here

Brothers together

Making memories

Happy forever


Love you sweetie

Precious Angel son


Your brother having a drink with us this afternoon

Darkening clouds, but still muggy warm

Seagulls having a rest



Tuesday 17th April


Your brother’s birthday today

Feliz cumpleaños we say

Breakfast in the riverside cafe

Tostada y café con leche

Children with bikes do play

Ducks beneath the bridge archway

In the bright sunshine we did stay

Enjoying the weather while we may


You should be here with us

Beloved Angel son


Puente de Palmas across the river Guadiana

Swan on the water

So many geese and ducks

Nesting or looking for food

Back to Luke’s for lunch and pressies

An afternoon walk to Badajoz cathedral

Narrow streets

Sun shade squares ~ it was 30°C this afternoon

Orange trees, with beautifully fragrant blossom

Badajoz Town Hall

The side of the cathedral

Narrow streets and coffee shops

Capitanía Badajoz

Four years ago


Thursday 20th July


Four years ago

You were playing in the sea.

You and your brother

Such fun and so carefree.


Continued sibling affection

There’s no guarantee.

That everything changed

No-one could foresee.


My two precious boys

One on earth with me.

Another in heaven

An Angel flying free.


Love you both


Facebook reminded me this morning ~ you and your brother

A good swell for the surfers

Where you used to walk and play

Many holidaymakers enjoying the beach

Leaving on a jet plane


Saturday 6th May

This week has flown by so quickly having your brother staying with us. It has been wonderful having him around; to go out to dinner​, have a drink, shopping, seeing Nan, and just being in the house. And of course, he came to visit you, sweetie, stopping for some quiet reflection with you.

We’ve just taken him to the airport for his flight to Portugal, so now we wait for a message from Faro to say he’s landed safely and is with his girlfriend. Then he’ll spend the day at the beach on Sunday and back to work on Monday.

We do miss you my darling

Precious Angel son

Love you so much


Bye bye

Safe flight

See you soon

Leaving on a jet plane


The black cat


Thursday 4th May

The black cat came visiting today

Bounding along and purring loudly

We haven’t seen him for quite some while

All sleek and black, looking at us proudly.


We’re not really people who like cats

But this one always seems to seek us out

And so, I wonder whether it’s a sign

From you; you’re all around and about.


We miss you so much my darling

We’ll never, ever stop loving you

Thinking of you all the time

My precious sweetheart Angel true.



Our black cat visitor

Enjoying the sunshine

Bright and breezy in the harbour

A lovely early evening dinner to round off the day. Mum, brother, niece, sister, husband, me, son